• Alberta, Canada

Alberta, Canada

Multisport - Canada - North America

Alberta is one of the most influent financial province of Canada, but also versatile and diverse. On one day you can ski in the top of the mountain and on the other, swim in a beautiful dark blue lake. Definitely, Alberta holds splendid and inspiring landscapes. The modernity dialogues perfectly with the wildlife, promoting a one-life-time experience. The two major cities in Alberta are Calgary and Edmonton. The Banff National Park, is the top destiny of Alberta and is next to Calgary. You’ll be welcome by a stunning view of mountains, lakes, ski resorts and the strong presence of wildlife. Others must see places are the turquoise Lake Louise and Parkway Icefields.

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Wildlife Viewing
Both times I've visited, I came with a plan and didn't bother sticking to it – too many good choices. Fishing reports from Lake Minnewanka were spotty, so I went biking and hiking instead. Next time, went to Minnewanka again for diving, but weather was iffy so we went sightseeing, watching for bears and birds. Always great, so many good choices...!

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