• Silk Road, China

Silk Road, China

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The Silk Road served as the major trade route linking the eastern world to the western world. It begins in China, its paths spreading and twisting, and it extends all the way to places like India, Pakistan, and Rome.  There are many paths to take, and many sights to see. Traveling to Xian, the starting point of the trade route, and you can witness the ancient mystery of the Terra-cotta warriors. Along the Route is Kashgar, the city home to the grand bazaar where you can experience a centuries old market and local customs.

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Following the Silk Road through western China will be one of my favorite memories forever. Spectacular wild scenery, pristine trails for hiking or biking, and nights among a unique blend of cultures with GREAT FOOD! Very cheap prices compared to more urban areas of China, which is a definite bonus.

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